Aug 29, 2023

Hyper Solutions Receives UL Certification for Unit Substations

The UL-1062 Distinction

At Hyper Solutions, excellence is not just an aspiration – it is our norm. Today, we  unveil yet another milestone: our Unit Substations have been awarded the UL-1062 certification from Underwriter’s Laboratories. 


The UL-1062 certification from Underwriters Laboratories recognizes products that achieve rigorous safety standards and top-notch performance metrics. It is not just about ticking boxes; it is about delivering consistent, trusted, and unparalleled functionality in every situation. 


Our Unit Substations offer not only proven performance but also the peace of mind that comes from knowing that every part adheres to the gold standard of safety and efficiency. The certification from Underwriter’s Laboratories gives our customers the peace of mind they expect in our competitive market.  


Dennis Strieter, Co-Founder & CRO of Hyper Solutions, reflects, "This certification emphasizes our unwavering dedication to the core pillars of our brand: safety, innovation,  and utmost quality. With Underwriters Laboratory, we're telling our clients we don't just meet standards; we aim to set them." 


The Hyper Commitment

Beyond the technicalities, Hyper Solutions’ mission is about driving the industry forward, using collaborative partnerships and deep understanding to continuously evolve. Our products, designed to cater to the dynamic needs of large-scale data centers and hyperscale clientele, are a testament to that philosophy. 


"Our vision has always been clear: lead, innovate, and provide unmatched value," says Vladimir Gulkarov, Co-Founder & CEO. "With every accolade and certification, we solidify that commitment and invite our partners to experience the pinnacle of manufacturing craftsmanship." 


We invite you to delve deeper into our world of innovation and discover how our UL-1062 certified Unit Substations can reshape your operational landscape. For a detailed insight into our offerings and the transformative power of Hyper Solutions, visit and reach out to our experts. 

About Hyper Solutions

Hyper Solutions, Inc. is a revolutionizing manufacturing platform connecting skilled manufacturers for the build of high-quality mission-critical equipment at scale. By focusing on quality, scalability, and innovation, Hyper disrupts traditional manufacturing limitations, empowering hyperscale customers to reach remarkable results.


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