Aug 8, 2023

Hyper Solutions Receives UL Certification for Switchboards

Hyper Solutions, Inc., a disruptor in the manufacturing and mission-critical industries, is pleased to announce that its advanced switchboards have been awarded the distinguished UL-891 certification. This accomplishment validates Hyper's commitment to creating safe, efficient, and innovative solutions for hyperscale clients.


The UL-891 certification affirms Hyper's unwavering commitment to upholding stringent safety and performance standards, while delivering high-quality, high-volume manufacturing for its growing hyperscale clientele.

"Obtaining the UL-891 certification reinforces our dedication to quality and safety," says Dennis Strieter, Co-Founder & CRO of Hyper Solutions. "This milestone not only strengthens our offering to our clients but also validates our disruption in the manufacturing and mission-critical industries."

With a relentless focus on quality, scalability, and innovation, Hyper Solutions' proprietary platform encourages collaborative partnerships with trusted manufacturers, fostering rapid production and delivery of custom products of the highest quality. The platform fluidly caters to the dynamic market demands, ensuring a streamlined sourcing process of essential products for their hyperscale customers.


Hyper Solutions will proudly display the UL certification mark on its switchboards and related promotional materials, signifying their rigorous testing and compliance with stringent industry requirements.

About Hyper Solutions:

Hyper Solutions, Inc. is a revolutionizing manufacturing platform connecting skilled manufacturers for the build of high-quality mission-critical equipment at scale. By focusing on quality, scalability, and innovation, Hyper disrupts traditional manufacturing limitations, empowering hyperscale customers to attain remarkable results.


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"We are driving economic development by optimizing and harnessing the capabilities of domestic manufacturers," states Vladimir Gulkarov, Co-Founder & CEO of Hyper Solutions. "The UL-891 certification is a testament to our industry-leading approach and the value we deliver to the high-tech industry."

To learn more about Hyper Solutions, its UL-891 certified switchboards, and how they are transforming manufacturing, reach out to us today!

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