Jun 12, 2023

Combatting Consolidation

Game-Changing Partnership

Despite these challenges, there is hope for small to medium-sized manufacturers to meet the needs of hyperscaling companies. Hyper is changing the game by enabling access to a network of hyper-scaling companies, ensuring a guaranteed and expanding order chain for our manufacturing partners. By partnering with the largest hyperscaling companies in the world, Hyper is empowering manufacturers to enhance their capabilities and meet the demands of the industry.

Scaling with Hyper

With the industry projected to continue its rapid growth, it's essential for manufacturers to overcome the constraints limiting their ability to scale. Hyper is providing a solution that allows manufacturers to partner with the world's largest hyperscaling companies and meet the demand for data centers and mission-critical equipment while enhancing their capabilities across their organizations.

Data Center Challenges

Investors are taking notice of the challenges faced by the industry, with Data Center Knowledge reporting that investing in data center construction is becoming more challenging due to labor and supply chain constraints. These constraints are not only affecting data center construction but also mission-critical equipment manufacturing, as reported by Data Center Knowledge's DCIM.

Scaling Amid Constraints

Manufacturing constraints continue to limit our ability to scale as the demand for data centers and mission-critical equipment continues to grow. According to Data Center Hawk's Market Insights, the data center industry is experiencing a surge in demand, resulting in record-high leasing rates and low availability. However, supply chain disruptions, including material and labor shortages, are creating manufacturing constraints that are preventing companies from scaling up production to meet demand.

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