Jun 28, 2023

Introducing Hyper to the World

Breaking the Mold

Hyper is breaking the mold and revolutionizing the industry by harnessing the power of technology and collaboration. By visiting Hypersolutions.com, it's easier than ever for customers and partners to join the manufacturing revolution. Interested parties can better understand the platform, partner with us to build quality customized solutions, or engage with the Hyper team as a customer to source their equipment on timelines never before seen in the industry.


"Hyper's unique approach not only helps customers achieve their manufacturing goals, but also contributes to the growth of the US manufacturing sector," said Vladimir Gulkarov, Co-Founder & CEO. "By optimizing and harnessing the capabilities of domestic manufacturers, Hyper plays a vital role in driving economic development and meeting the demands of the ever-evolving high-tech industry."


By embracing Hyper, our customers gain access to a vibrant ecosystem that fosters customizability, reliability, and scalability. The platform eliminates traditional manufacturing limitations and offers a transparent and efficient experience for partners and customers alike. Additionally, Hyper's commitment to excellence ensures customers can confidently navigate their manufacturing needs and source quality hyper-scale solutions with full transparency.

About Hyper

Hyper is a pioneering manufacturing platform that connects skilled manufacturers, allowing them to build high-quality mission-critical equipment at scale. With a focus on quality, scalability, and innovation, Hyper disrupts traditional manufacturing limitations and empowers hyperscale customers to achieve remarkable results.

Harnessing Potential

"Harnessing the potential of the US manufacturing industry, Hyper pioneers a groundbreaking approach that taps into untapped capacity across the nation," says Dennis Strieter, Co-Founder & CRO. "By capitalizing on this vast resource, we deliver unparalleled scale and accelerated timelines to our customers, revolutionizing the mission-critical landscape."


To learn more about Hyper and embark on a transformative manufacturing journey, visit Hypersolutions.com today. Discover how Hyper is breaking the mold, empowering manufacturers, and revolutionizing the way essential equipment is built for today's largest hyperscaling customers.

The Revolution is Here

Hyper Solutions, Inc. is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry with its groundbreaking platform and a full suite of UL Certified Hyperscale Solutions. Hyper is poised to disrupt the industry and empower businesses worldwide to achieve their mission-critical goals through advanced technology and innovation.


With a strong focus on quality, scalability, and innovation, Hyper is set to change the game in the manufacturing and mission critical industries. Hyper's proprietary platform empowers collaborative partnerships with trusted manufacturers, enabling the rapid production and delivery of custom products with unwavering quality. Our platform seamlessly caters to the ever-changing demands of this dynamic market, ensuring streamlined sourcing of vital products for our customers.

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